All the rural properties in the Agritourism Association of Navarre (ABELORE)  are agritourism farmhouses. This refers to accommodation either in the form of a full house, individual rooms or apartments on a working farm.

The activities are very wide-ranging and depend on each farm’s individual lifestyle. Some of them have cows, pigs or sheep, and you might be able to get to know them and even feed them. Others have crop fields, orchards or allotments and the farmers will surely explain how they plant and tend them; you may be able to help out with picking and sampling their tomatoes, vegetables or seasonal fruit.

They will teach you about nature, wild fruit and mushrooms, and how to make home-made products. Whether simply visiting their production facilities or taking part and learning about the process, you will surely enjoy a unique experience that takes staying in a rural guesthouse to another level.

Remember to ask about tours and activities before you book as many of them only take place at certain times of the year.

On these pages you can find your ideal rural accommodation by the agricultural activities available there. The fact-file on each one has a calendar summing up the activities that take place during the year.