Make your own products

Make turrón, preserves, curds, yoghurt or cheese and learn how to create authentic, unforgettable desserts. Assist in the pig slaughter, learn how to arrange dried flower posies and decorations, make aromatic vinegars and oils and special teas.

Cheese making :: Abelore, agrotourism in rural houses in Navarra, Spain

Cheese making


Locality Activities Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Aniz Yoghurts, cheeses, jams, typical farm-reared pork and beef products  ✓
Azpilkueta Cheese and crud cheese
Bera Cider
Bera Cheese and curd cheese
Etayo Herb teas, vinegars and aromatic oils  ✓
Etayo Liqueurs and jams
Etayo Home-preserved olives
Goldaratz Chilindrón (spicy sauce)  ✓  ✓
Goldaratz Curd cheese, junket, cheese
Izkue Dried flowers  ✓
Izkue Nougat and jams
Oskotz Patxaran (sloe liqueur)  ✓
Oskotz Milk, junket, home-made puddings
Unzu Jams  ✓