Pick the products of the land

Become aware of wild berries, learn to find the best mushrooms, how to care for fruit trees, how olive trees are managed, or what can be done with sloe berries and other wild berries.

Picking mushrooms :: Abelore, rural agrotourism houses in Navarra, Spain

Picking mushrooms


Locality Activities Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Aniz Wild mushrooms, chestnuts, figs, walnuts…
Azpilkueta Chestnuts, wild mushrooms, walnuts…
Bera Fruit trees
Bera Wild mushrooms
Etayo Plums, cherries, morello cherry, strawberries…
Izkue Nuts, fruit trees and ornamental shrubs
Izkue Almond, fig and walnut trees
Izkue Plum and apple trees
Oskotz Blackberries, mushrooms, chestnuts, sloes
Unzu Fruit trees: pears, apples, figs…
Zurucuáin Olive trees
Ollogoyen Visit plantations of truffles
Ollogoyen Harvesting of truffles
Muzki Fruit trees
Iribas Wild mushrooms, chestnuts, wallnuts, blackberries and sloes